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Convert Thunderbird to Outlook Affordably

It might seem impossible to convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST format. This conversion process has gained a huge infamous reputation. However, as you will progress in this article, you will see how this process is very much possible. This article will further add to your joy by giving you the most affordable solution to this simple process.  

Affordable and Simple Thunderbird to Outlook Conversion

Thunderbird to Outlook PST conversion has been far from simple for people. This is not because of some inherent flaw but because of the wrong practices people have been practicing. There are tools available to make this task smooth and easy for practitioners. However, practitioners have been using the wrong methods all the time.  This has been the core reason for the infamous reputation the task has earned.

Once a practitioner deploys a reliable tool for the task of importing Thunderbird to Outlook, he or she knows how wonderful the process of importation can be. Thunderbird can be imported to Outlook in a  very smooth and easy manner with the help of an amazing converter tool. There are many tools one can choose from. All they have to do is make sure that the tool they choose has these necessary features.


The tool that can be operated very easily makes Thunderbird to PST importation smoothest. A tool with a simple interface can make the importation process uncomplicated for customers. Plus, a simple interface can easily demystify the importation process for practitioners. Then, it can be used by anyone irrespective of the knowledge they have of the process or the tool.

Thorough Conversion

A tool which can import every aspect of your Thunderbird database will be very useful to you. Only a competent tool will be able to import not just mails but Meta data content, nested mails, embedded images and attachments. The tool which gives complete importation will be most useful to you.

Preservation of Folder Arrangements

The tool which can easily keep the folder arrangement intact is going to be very helpful as it can easily make the post-conversion process very smooth and easy for its customers. This feature will allow customers an easy access to converted files without any hassle.

Auto Load

Any tool worthy of trust should have this indispensable feature. This feature allows customers to easily export any size of Thunderbird database to Outlook in the shortest span of time.

Best Tool to Convert Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac & Windows

You can either browse the internet to find a tool which meets these requirements or you can easily download our preferred tool which has been thoroughly tested by us and is a guaranteed solution to Thunderbird to Outlook exportation problems. This ultimate tool is called Mail Extractor Pro and convert Apple Mail, Postbox, MBOX and Thunderbird to Outlook (PST).

This software is an amazing tool which imbibes every feature mentioned above. The tool has many more features which make Thunderbird to PST conversion as smooth as possible.