A slick way to transfer email from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook

transfer email from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook

It was not very long ago when USL software, a well know converter tools player, introduced Mail Extractor Pro to the converter tools market. Thankfully, for the users, it was an instant relief. For starters, this tool filled the vacuum that had been created due to the scarcity of agile products in this segment. Secondly, other than outperforming every other tool, this one also outlasts each one of them. Lastly and rather most importantly, this tool doesn’t burn a hole in the user’s pockets. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mail Extractor Pro is the perfect solution to convert Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook issue.

Transfer email from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook

As a matter of fact, users have been giving up on vapid converters and switching to this wholesome tool. Of course, instead of getting stuck with the lame converters, it would obviously be a great idea to switch to an amazing product which surprisingly suits everyone’s pocket too. Mail Extractor Pro is a highly affordable product that can help anyone transfer email from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook. Its rational pricing and proficient performance makes a user drool for it. And if you haven’t started itching for its use yet, let us take you through the next segment wherein you would definitely fall head over heels for this amazing tool named Mail Extractor Pro.

transfer email from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro – transfers emails from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook at lightning fast speed!

Having established the affordability factor, let’s move on to have a look at some more mesmerizing features that this Thunderbird to Outlook converter tool has to offer!

Speed, coupled with accuracy, is always a welcome feature when it comes to email conversion tools. Mail Extractor Pro, our warrior here, transfers emails from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook at a rate of knots. Irrespective of the size of the database, this tool would give out results quickly. The user wouldn’t experience any crashes either as the tool is completely virus free.

transfer Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook

Apart from rapidly transferring email from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook, this tool captures the attention of the users at the accuracy front. With regards to emails, which are intricate structures, accuracy means a lot of things. The minute details that emails are built on are abundant in number. Read/unread status, timestamps, to and from data, attachments, nested messages, HTML files, etc are just a few out of the many things that are the essence of the email files.

Other than these, the overall sequential order of the mails and the like are relevant too. While most of the ordinary tools wouldn’t maintain the integrity of the data, Mail Extractor Pro would create exact replicas of the files without modifying them one bit. That is to say, that if someone transfers email from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook using this tool then the chronological order of the folders alongside cent percent of the data would be maintained. The ability to provide conversions with such high level of accuracy is probably the strongest selling point for Mail Extractor Pro.