Look no further if you are looking for an Apple mail to PST files converter. Mail Extractor Pro is the only choice you should be making for an Apple mail to PST files converter. Surfing through the net can make you all the more confused as there are plenty of options online for exporting Mac Mail to Outlook and making an optimum choice from amongst these is a critical task. If you have experienced even a few out of the lot, you would find that this is the only tool that precisely finishes the task assigned to it.

Apple Mail to PST files Converter

Most of the tools available for converting Apple mail to PST files fall short of the conversion expectations. For the most part, there is substantial loss of data during the conversion process and thereby the converted files serve no useful purpose. But Mail Extractor Pro is a refined tool and has managed to create a strong image for itself, majorly on account of its revolutionary technology.

Apple Mail to PST files Converter

It offers a complete relief from the constant setbacks that are the outcome of regular tools. Most of the users suffer when at the end of the process all they get is incomplete files. Unsophisticated tools do not have the capability of converting the files entirely. Elements crucial to the mails like timestamps, attachments, and the like are left behind. But with this Apple mail to PST converter, you would be able to convert 100% of the data. Not only can it convert the complicated stuff like metadata, nested messages, etc but also certain complicated languages like Chinese, Korean, etc. And for those who are paranoid for safety concerns, the good news is that this Apple mail to PST files converter offers all this with guarantee of safety of the data.

A premium Apple mail to PST files converter at affordable price

In our endeavor to find an elegant product, we often compromise on the price end. Certainly, great things come at high costs. The same stands true for conversion tools too. A standardized product would be available but at high cost. USL software, however, has managed to settle this problem in style.

Mail Extractor Pro, a product of USL software, is an Apple mail to Outlook converter that is quite affordable for the users. It is sophisticated to the core but has been priced to cater to a large sect of the users. The full version of the tool is brimful of amazing features. Not only this, it also offers complimentary lifetime updates. The users also enjoy a friendly round the clock customer service, in case of any problems.

Get free trial of Apple Mail to PST files converter

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To add to this magnificence, this Apple mail to PST files converter has a trial version too which is absolutely free of cost. The features remain the same with a tiny restriction-the users would be able to convert 10 files per folder using this version. Whichever version a user chooses, he/she is bound to be captivated by its flawless performance.