Move Thunderbird Mails to PST Like a PRO!

Moving Thunderbird Mails to PST

Move Thunderbird Mails to PST quickly and seamlessly using “Mail Passport Pro” built by Gladwev Software. This is the only tool that can give you 100% precision in output, not leaving any item behind, like images, email addresses, attachments, or any type of metadata associated with them like structure, formatting, and so on.

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Convert Microsoft Exchange OST to PST Like an Expert

Convert Microsoft Exchange OST to PST without any technical expertise. Read it today.

Are you looking for OST recovery  tool but don’t have any knowledge or experience about email data recovery or OST to PST conversion? Then this article will introduce you to the best conversion tool which can be easily used by any user. Many users that regularly use email services like Outlook do not have any knowledge of the details of how the email data is stored. Nonetheless, Outlook users can sometimes face data loss or corruption. In case of such situations, a recovery tool is needed that can be easily used by any amateur Outlook user.

Convert Microsoft Exchange OST to PST

Outlook uses OST files to save offline data when there is no connectivity. Sometimes due to mistakes made by the user or just accidents, OST files can get corrupt or inaccessible. In such cases, data from OST files needs to be recovered and OST files are converted to PST which is the personal data storage area accessible to the outlook user. To recover the inaccessible data in OST files and convert Microsoft Exchange OST to PST for future use, the user will need a professional tool.

OST Extractor Pro was created by USL Software specifically for inexperienced user. It handles much of the process automatically. The simple and intuitive user interface is very easy to follow and understand. Even the advanced features can be used without any technical expertise. This puts OST Extractor Pro ahead of many other conversion tools that can intimidate new users with their confusing interface and too many features.

Convert Microsoft Exchange OST to PST

Although many tools can recover OST files, only OST Extractor Pro gives its users 100% guarantee of complete data recovery. Its powerful algorithms allow the tool to dig deep and recover even the minute elements of the email data. OST Extractor Pro preserves, with complete accuracy, all emails, attachments, contacts, calendar data, folder hierarchy, metadata, and supports texts of all the major languages including languages that use double byte characters like Chinese or Korean.

Useful and attractive feature

OST Extractor Pro also has other useful and attractive feature like its very fast data processing speed, multiple output formats, bulk conversion, and the option to split large PST files. It supports all versions of Windows and MAC Outlook. It also supports OST files generated from all sources. Such a variety of features results in great flexibility and efficiency.

OST Extractor Pro is perfect for users who are dealing with OST recovery and OST to PST conversion for the first time because any user can get the trial version for free and test all the features without any time restraints. This gives the user freedom to understand the conversion process and allows them to feel confident in the tool’s capabilities. The only limitation of the trial version is that the user can convert only ten files per folder. Only when the user is completely satisfied, they can get the full version.

Get it to Convert Microsoft Exchange OST to PST

The full version of OST Extractor Pro comes with additional features like lifetime updates and full time customer support. In the days of constantly evolving technology, keeping the softwares updated is essential. Constant access to customer support from experts is very valuable, especially for amateur users. With OST Extractor Pro anyone can recover and secure their email data.

You can get the trial version here to convert Microsoft Exchange Ost to Pst.

Choose the safest OST recovery tool

Looking for ost recovery tool, try ‘OST Extractor Pro’.

Safest OST Recovery Tool

Emails have gotten increasingly complex over the years. There are many layers of data or information that is contained in emails. Programs like Outlook maintain archives of all email data. Outlook uses OST and PST files to store email data. PST or the Personal Storage Table is manually used by the user as the personal data storage area. On the other hand, OST or the Offline Storage Table is used by Outlook as an offline data storage area when there is no connection. If for any reason the OST file gets corrupted or is inaccessible, all the data saved in it has to be recovered and the OST file converted to PST.

There are a number of reasons for OST file damage. Some are just accidents while other times the user makes a mistake. If the original email account with which an OST file is registered gets deleted, that OST file will become inaccessible. Abrupt shutdown of the system, hardware failure, sync error, and virus or malware attack are some of the other reasons for OST file getting damaged. In such cases, the Outlook user needs a professional tool that will convert OST files to PST so that the email data can be accessed.

OST Recovery Tool for Mac & Win

Since there are numerous OST to PST converter tools all over the internet, it has become very confusing to decide which tool is the safest and most capable. USL Software has created the ultimate OST recovery and OST conversion tool. OST Extractor Pro is the only tool that gives the user 100% guarantee for data safety. It uses powerful algorithms to dig deep and recover all email data from the system.

OST Extractor Pro recovers everything including all emails, contacts, attachments, calendar data, images embedded into the email body, metadata, etc. Outlook organizes the email data into a hierarchy of folders. In contrast to many other recovery tools, OST Extractor Pro preserves the folder hierarchy of the email data, which can be very helpful in future.

OST recovery tool

Recover from OST file

Since email is a communication method that is used around the world, texts of a variety of languages are commonly used. OST Extractor Pro supports texts of all major languages and even allows the user to recover texts that use double byte encoding instead of a single byte like Chinese or Korean.

OST Extractor Pro employs a very simple and naturalistic user interface, so that even amateur or inexperienced users will be able to use it. Another very attractive feature of the tool is its exceptionally fast data processing speed, which reach as high as 1GB within ten minutes. This can be especially useful for those users who value their time. OST Extractor Pro works on all versions of Outlook for Windows and MAC both. It also allows the user to choose among different standard and generic output formats. Besides PST, the user can convert OST files to EML, MBOX, Apple Mail Archive, Thunderbird, and Postbox.

ost recovery

Download OST Recovery Tool

You can get the trial version of OST Extractor Pro for free from USL Software website. After testing the demo version, you can get the full version which will come with lifetime software updates and full customer support.

Get the free ost to pst converter online trial version here.

My personal experience with converting OST to PST files

Through this article, I would like to share my personal experience with converting OST to PST files. OST to PST converter is one of the best tools that can be used for restoring your offline OST files and recovering them in the PST format. During the process, I came across a fantastic product called as the OST Extractor Pro. By using the software I could convert my OST files into PST with great ease and without any data loss. So here is my experience how I came across the OST Extractor Pro.

My need to convert an OST to a PST

At my office, one of my colleagues accidentally ended up deleting the mailbox account. He did not realise that he had some important documents and data that was still in the mailbox. Because the mailbox was deleted and there was no other choice to reactivate the account and fetch the data so we had to think of a new solution.

After a lot of research on the internet, I came to know that all the data and the files that are stored on the mail server are also held backup in the OST file format. Now the biggest challenge was how to convert this OST file into PST Outlook files.

OST to PST Converter Tool

Before heading to OST Extractor Pro I used one another software. I would not like to name the software but the experience was terrible. During the extraction and recovery of one of the OST files, the data took almost an hour to complete the recovery process. After inspecting the PST file that we had converted we found that most of the data was in the symbolic form. That means the text that could not be read by the software got converted into symbols and codes. These symbols and quotes were very difficult for us to understand.

After the recovery rather the text making any sense to us it was more of a kind of a coded language that we could see. It was more or less useless for us to use the data that we had recovered. Also, few of the presentation files did not get converted and the images that were received were in the cracked form. The data that we had to recover was hardly 50% of the original data. And only 40% of the data made sense to us.

converting OST to PST

Awesome Results

Hence, I went ahead and made a little more research where I came to know about the OST Extractor Pro. I was quite sceptical because of one bad experience that I already had. Hence I did not feel the need to waste my time again on recovering the files and I only uploaded 1 file to be converted. I prefer using a trial version then going for purchased software.

When we started to recover the files the results were amazing we got hundred percent data that was stored in the OST format and every bit of it made sense to us. Without wasting any of the time I went ahead to purchase the online software to convert all my OST files into PST. OST Extractor Pro is by far one of the best OST to PST conversion software that I came across. And I would like to recommend it to all.