Convert Microsoft Exchange OST to PST Like an Expert

Convert Microsoft Exchange OST to PST without any technical expertise. Read it today.

Are you looking for OST recovery  tool but don’t have any knowledge or experience about email data recovery or OST to PST conversion? Then this article will introduce you to the best conversion tool which can be easily used by any user. Many users that regularly use email services like Outlook do not have any knowledge of the details of how the email data is stored. Nonetheless, Outlook users can sometimes face data loss or corruption. In case of such situations, a recovery tool is needed that can be easily used by any amateur Outlook user.

Convert Microsoft Exchange OST to PST

Outlook uses OST files to save offline data when there is no connectivity. Sometimes due to mistakes made by the user or just accidents, OST files can get corrupt or inaccessible. In such cases, data from OST files needs to be recovered and OST files are converted to PST which is the personal data storage area accessible to the outlook user. To recover the inaccessible data in OST files and convert Microsoft Exchange OST to PST for future use, the user will need a professional tool.

OST Extractor Pro was created by USL Software specifically for inexperienced user. It handles much of the process automatically. The simple and intuitive user interface is very easy to follow and understand. Even the advanced features can be used without any technical expertise. This puts OST Extractor Pro ahead of many other conversion tools that can intimidate new users with their confusing interface and too many features.

Convert Microsoft Exchange OST to PST

Although many tools can recover OST files, only OST Extractor Pro gives its users 100% guarantee of complete data recovery. Its powerful algorithms allow the tool to dig deep and recover even the minute elements of the email data. OST Extractor Pro preserves, with complete accuracy, all emails, attachments, contacts, calendar data, folder hierarchy, metadata, and supports texts of all the major languages including languages that use double byte characters like Chinese or Korean.

Useful and attractive feature

OST Extractor Pro also has other useful and attractive feature like its very fast data processing speed, multiple output formats, bulk conversion, and the option to split large PST files. It supports all versions of Windows and MAC Outlook. It also supports OST files generated from all sources. Such a variety of features results in great flexibility and efficiency.

OST Extractor Pro is perfect for users who are dealing with OST recovery and OST to PST conversion for the first time because any user can get the trial version for free and test all the features without any time restraints. This gives the user freedom to understand the conversion process and allows them to feel confident in the tool’s capabilities. The only limitation of the trial version is that the user can convert only ten files per folder. Only when the user is completely satisfied, they can get the full version.

Get it to Convert Microsoft Exchange OST to PST

The full version of OST Extractor Pro comes with additional features like lifetime updates and full time customer support. In the days of constantly evolving technology, keeping the softwares updated is essential. Constant access to customer support from experts is very valuable, especially for amateur users. With OST Extractor Pro anyone can recover and secure their email data.

You can get the trial version here to convert Microsoft Exchange Ost to Pst.

How to convert OST to MBOX

Benefits of OST to MBOX Conversion

Here, we are going to discuss about the benefits of converting OST to MBOX. Many of the readers have asked me about the need to convert OST to MBOX.

Here, I am sharing one of the questions with you so that you can relate more with the topic and things we are going to discuss here.

‘I am a regular reader of your blogs. I love the information you provide. Your method of explaining a topic is really good. Today, I have a query for you. Can you tell me about the benefits of converting OST files into MBOX file? How it helps us and what we can achieve through it. It will be a great help if you can provide an article on this topic.’

Need to convert OST to MBOX format

I understand your problem and here I am with the best answers. There are several benefits of OST to MBOX conversion.

Before moving further lets know a little about OST and MBOX.

OST File

Offline Storage Table is the full form of OST. Exchange server uses this offline MS Outlook file.

It is not compulsory to stay connected to the mail server while doing work.

It means you can still use it if you are not connected to the internet.


MBOX which is also known as Berkeley format which is used to store collection of e-mail messages. It stores all the messages of a folder in a single database file.

The main advantage of using MBOX format is that you can find similar files in one folder. You don’t have to waste your time in searching for the similar types of file.

Now time to tell you about the benefits of OST to MBOX conversion. Here we go –

No Server Needed – Yes, in OST to MBOX conversion you don’t need to have an exchange server. It means you can complete this process in the offline mode. Even if you are not connected with the internet, you can work on it.

Security – MBOX file format provides you high security for your private data. OST files do not provide security and thus can be hacked easily. This thing doesn’t happen with MBOX files. It is not easy to access data in MBOX format. A huge and compelling reason to use it.

Another big advantage of using MBOX is that it saves your all similar files in one folder. You don’t have to waste your time in searching for the files. There will be a separate folder for each category. You just need to save it once and can access it anytime.

Now, I hope you are no more confused on this particular topic.

To convert OST files into MBOX files you can use the trial version of ‘OST Extractor Pro’ which is free to use. If you found it useful you can upgrade it.

Here is the link to use the tool –

convert ost to mbox

If you have any queries, do tell us. Till then, stay tuned.

Migrating from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail – Undoing the Damage!

If you work in IT department, or are experienced with email migration specifically. You might know how many people treat the job of migrating from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail. This is because of how the methods or tools have treated them in past.

Migrating from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

Most manual techniques of moving data from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail, or the third-party applications, have done a lot of damage in terms of what people think of it. It’s reasonable too. Email migration can get quite messy and tedious at times that no one would want to go through that again.

As friendly as the email clients can be, it is quite unfortunate that users cannot easily switch their data between them. If you have a large database in Outlook 2011, it’s going to get even worse for you. This lack of proper, official, or even non-official solutions that can work properly has disappointed a lot of users. And it comes as a surprise to inexperienced basic users who just want to use Apple Mail after years of Outlook 2011 use.

Thankfully, there exists a solution that will get you out of this mess.

Move Outlook 2011 data to Mac Mail

It’s called “OLM Extractor Pro,” offered by USL Software, built with the latest data processing logic that enables it to make a clean migration as effortlessly as possible.

Migrating from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

Two major aspects of the tool make it the perfect solution for anyone trying to move its data from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail – its central conversion engine and its front-end (Interface).

Best Conversion Engine

As sophisticated and powerful the inner workings are, the front-end or the user-interface is equally but easy and basic for inexperienced users to get the most out of its. It can be almost deceitful by just looking at its minimal interface about what “OLM Extractor Pro” and with how much accuracy.

It’s one of the many impressive features is that it delivers quick and accurate output files even when you convert OLM in bulk. This incredible ability to deal with bulky files in a large number without trading-off with other factors truly turn it into a professional and the best solution to have come so far from the software industry in this segment.

It’s widely known that OLM and MBOX are data files for Outlook 2011 and Mac Mail respectively. But what is not understood by majority is to what extent these files differ in almost everything. That makes it reasonable to not expect high precision from traditional tools because they lack the sharp command or control on the dissimilar structure of the files.

Easy interface and Powerful tool

USL Software won over this challenge through latest developments in data extraction programming. It employs all the progressive tricks that create a smooth data-flow from OLM to MBOX. Through an organized and dedicated logic to capture information from OLM files. And later convert it into MBOX in real time. The developers made it possible to turn this complex job into a simple one without diluting down the power and efficacy.

They were able to add a multitude of options and preferences that allow for flexibility previously not possible through conventional ways.

For instance: – you can now see all the folders in its correct hierarchy after you load the OLM files. It can manually mark the folders you wish to convert, leaving all others unmarked.

Also, you can now convert contacts / calendar entries into a VCF/ ICS file in folder respectively. As it converts each item into a separate file. This makes the management of your data in Apple Mail significantly easier.

You can also ignore all empty folders now in a single click.

Furthermore, you get to choose if you want to save read and unread data in separate folders or not. Where others tools even fail to preserve the read/unread status, this additional little option makes a huge difference.

Download for Migrating from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

Overall, it’s a tool developed to finally end the pain and frustration of migrating from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail. And unlike other sophisticated applications, this one is targeted towards both advanced users and inexperienced ones. It can be easily applied to any situation. The tool requires to convert OLM to MBOX as a way to migrate from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail. OLM Extractor Pro doesn’t matter if you are a home user, or work in an IT department has the responsibility to migrate large mailboxes with sensitive information.

It works perfectly in both cases.

Get it now. You can’t find a single fault with ‘OLM Extractor Pro.’


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