Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 for Mac and Windows

Struggling with the finding the right converter to Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019? Here’s the right choice: Mail Extractor Pro.

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019

Finding the right converter tool in to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 in this era of Internet can be an uphill battle. With so many options out in the market, you are meant to get confused.

And not all the converter tool fulfills the promises that they make. Therefore, it becomes very confusing which tool to go for the perfect process to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019.

Mail Extractor Pro: The Right Choice

Mail Extractor Pro by USL Software is the right choice to go for. And the obvious question that pops in your mind is “why”?

Mail Extractor Pro helps your to convert email data on Mac from Apple Mail to PST, as well as Thunderbird , Postbox & MBOX Files (*.mbox) to PST Data file for Mac and Windows Outlook.

Well, Mail Extractor Pro is the ultimate choice because it offers you the perfect combination of all the latest features that help you and make the process to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 very easy and efficient.

The tool offers you all you can hope for in a converter tool, from Power to Precision to Interface to make it all easy.

export mac mail to outlook 2019

Power to Handle It All

  • One of the best features that the tool offers is the power to handle all kinds of data encoding scheme. Majorly the data that travels via emails can be broadly classified into two categories: Unicode and ASCII.
  • ASCII is the encoding scheme of the all the textual data and most converters used to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 are equipped to deal with it.
  • It’s the Unicode part of the data that causes a problem. Since Unicode is a little complex therefore, it becomes tricky to convert the Unicode data.
  • Most converter tools used to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 fail at this very step, which ends up making the conversion process an incomplete one and causing problems for the input data as well.

Mail Extractor Pro converts the Unicode data present in the input file thus making the conversion process a complete and safe one.

export mac mail to outlook

Accuracy and Precision like none other

Accuracy of the converter tool used to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 is an important asset. It solves all your conversion related problems as well as saves you several trips to get your data converted perfectly.

100% data safety assurance

Yes, the earlier converter tools used to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 didn’t provide you with the perfect conversion process in a single go. The tool either used to mess up the loading process leaving something or the other behind during loading the database file or left some data unconverted.

That resulted in converting the same data file again and again, and still the results weren’t perfect.

Mail Extractor Pro comes from the range of advanced tools used to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019.

The tool saves you the trouble of even loading the database file. It auto-loads the email database file thus, solving the problem of data being left behind.

To accompany that the tool converts everything present in your input file thus, solving the problem of data being left unconverted.

Make It All Easier: Even first timers can rejoice

To make it all easier for you the tool provides you with a very easy to use interface. The interface simplifies the process to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 by providing you with informative wizards and dialog boxes at every step.

Thus, helping you out with the conversion process. This proves of great help if you are just starting out with the conversion process or even if you are new to the tool.

Get it to Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019

Download the tool today for free Download the free trial of the today and get started with your exporting process.

mac mail to outlook 2019

Get ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ today and export Apple Mail to PST for Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 for Windows and Outlook 2019, 2016, 2011 for Mac.

Find out how to Import MBOX files into Outlook 2010?

To import MBOX files into Outlook 2010 you have to use a tool. There are a number of tools available in the market but not all fulfill the need. The tools that are available in the market, sometimes corrupt your original data or even damaging certain parts of it. Most of them are not even compatible in understanding complex data and the end results that you get in form of symbols and quotes.

To Import MBOX files into Outlook 2010 becomes easier with the right tool

It’s not that difficult to import MBOX files into Outlook 2010 provided that you are using the correct tool to make the conversion. First, you need to understand what your basic requirements are. If you are a person who is using different languages to communicate with your clients then you need the tool that is smart enough to understand the double-byte characters.

Get the right tool and never lose data integrity

To import MBOX files into Outlook 2010 you also need to take care that the tool does not change the status of your emails and also does not mess up with the hierarchy of your folders. Because if the data is not going in the required sub-folders the data that you get at the end can seem to be quiet meaningless to you.

Dangers of unprofessional email transfers

Also if you are a professional who helps others to import MBOX files into Outlook 2010 then you do not want to jumble up your client’s important data when they are transferring from Apple email to Outlook.

Here is the solution: Mail Extractor Pro

One such tool that is available is the Mail Extractor Pro. This tool can be used by both individuals and professionals based on their needs. This tool offers packages for all kinds. Along with purchasing the pack, you would get a lifetime membership and a lifetime free update. There are no annual charges for this tool for its renewal. This is so far the best tool to import MBOX to Outlook.

how to import mbox files into Outlook 2010

Some of the noticeable features that this tool has, that most of the tools in the market do not offer are as follows-

Double-byte character conversion

This feature is important for those who used emails in languages like Korean Chinese or Japanese. These are the languages that use double-byte for the text format. Most of the tools in the market can offer conversion of text files which use single byte characters. Hence if you are the person using double-byte character languages for communication then this tool is the best for you to import MBOX files into Outlook 2010.

The auto-load feature

When you have a large database to be transferred from MBOX to Outlook, at that time you need this auto-load feature. Because most of the tools that are available in the market would ask you to manually select the folders and files that you would like to convert. This can cause to miss out on some of the important folders that definitely you would not want. Hence the auto-load feature would completely grab and extract all the data from your Apple mail and help import your MBOX files into Outlook big time.

how to import mbox files into Outlook

Get a free trial today

You can go to the official website of this tool which is developed by USL software.

import mbox files into Outlook

You can download the trial version before you purchase the tool and check it for yourself.

Apple Mail to PST Conversion with 100% Accurate

Mail Extractor Pro has been a successful tool in the realm of Apple mail to PST Conversion. It has been the unofficial number one tool for the process. Even business love it supreme eases and bulk conversions. Plus, the profoundly simple license structure makes it affordable for everyone.

Mail Extractor Pro convert Apple Mail, Postbox, MBOX Files (*.mbox) and Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac and Windows. It works on Mac and comes more unique and advance features.

Apple Mail to PST Conversion

apple mail to pst conversion

Salient features of Mail Extractor Pro are as follows:-

Simple to use

Mail Extractor Pro has a definite and simple Graphical User Interface. It makes customer’s life very easy by employing self-explanatory wizards which have everything regarding Apple Mail to PST Conversion explained to users in the easiest manner. Users have a very soothing experience by using Mail Extractor Pro, all thanks to this feature.

Bulk Conversion

Mail Extractor Pro has been the number one choice when it comes to bulk conversions of Apple mails. It can convert any size of Apple mails without facing any hindrance. The process is so smooth and delightful that one does not have to worry about anything at all. Mail Extractor Pro can convert any size of Apple mail in a matter of minutes.

This is very helpful as one does not have to convert one’s Apple mail files one by one. This can be very painful and slow. What one needs is an amazing solution called bulk conversion which Mail Extractor Pro provides. Even large corporations can very easily get their biggest Apple mail database converted with the help of this feature and carry on their primary tasks.


Mail Extractor Pro has been made fully automatic to serve customers have an amazing Apple mail conversion experience. Customers do not have to worry about any aspect of conversion at all. They just need Mail Extractor Pro. The tool after being opened by the user will automatically upload the entire Apple mail database and convert it to PST format.

Preserves folder hierarchy

Everyone who has used a tool for mail conversion has faced the problem of a messy folder hierarchy in the end. This totally ruins the post-conversion phase, as customers cannot access their converted files easily.
Therefore, utmost care has been taken to enable Mail Extractor Pro to preserve folder arrangement. It has all the technological support it needs to preserve the folder arrangement in time of speedy conversions.

apple mail to pst converter

Evaluation copy

A suitable evaluation copy has been provided by USL software which helps customers to decide the tool’s worth for them. Get it right now and Standard License comes at $49 only

Read More: https://www.mailextractorpro.com/the-best-mac-mail-to-pst-converter-for-a-simple-way-of-transferring-emails/

But before downloading the tool, make sure you have the following requirements:-

  • Mac OS 10.6 or higher with all recent updates installed
  • Free hard disk space for proper operation
  • Administrative permissions required for installation.


  • Small Business License – This license is available only for $199. It can be used in 50 computers at once and there is no limit to how much you can use the tool. You also get free support and updates.
  • Enterprise license – This license is specially intended for companies with 100 or more employees. There is no limit to the number of users who can operate this tool and therefore it is ideal for large enterprises. Interested companies can buy this license only for $599

Your business needs this tool desperately. Get Mail Extractor Pro right now!

Import Mac Mail to Outlook 365 Candidly – No Fuss. No Data Loss Worries

Outlook 365

Outlook 365 is an email client, a part of Office 365 suite. It can read your emails from the email servers and displays to you inside the interface. And its many other features that a web-based client, like Gmail or Outlook.com, might not be able to deliver. Outlook 365 may refer to both Mac and Windows desktop client, although both are quite different except the name.

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