Your database is the ultimate place to store your data. But to update all the information onto your Outlook Account, you need to convert your database into a PST file. But conversion process is not as easy as it sounds.

Database contains variety of data. Be it texts, images or attachments. So finding a converter that converts them all, is the challenge.

There are numerous third party converters out there in the market, some convert texts, some images but none does it all.

So, USL Software took upon themselves to build a converter that provides you such features and power that it provides you complete control over the conversion process.

With Mail Extractor Pro, they achieved the dream.

What Can It Do?

Mail Extractor Pro is the ultimate solution for all your conversion problems.

The tool does it all, from providing multiple input options to choose from to providing a completely bug and error free output file.

It starts by offering you the facility to Convert Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook, Postbox Mail Database, MBOX to PST data file format for Microsoft Outlook 2016 / 2015 / 2011 for Mac and Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & Office 365 for Windows.

mail Extractor Pro

Having so many options at your disposal makes life very easy. It helps a lot if you use multiple email providers or have one to many accounts to manage.

The tool handles them all.

So now you don’t have to go looking for different tools for your different accounts. You have to learn just a single tool to do it all.

Convert Everything Accurately

The tool not only offers options but power too. It converts each and every bit of your data. All the data present in your input file is extracted, converted and stored into your PST file.

The tool takes special care of the fact that none of the data bit is lost or corrupted during the conversion process.

The output file produced is completely free of bugs and errors of any kind.

Your data is kept safe and secure. Now no more losing those email files during the conversion process.

When the tool says that it converts everything, it literally means it. The tool offers a unique feature of converting the Unicode data present in your input file.

Unicode data comprises of all the Non – English part of your data. All your images attachments, images etc. come under Unicode data.

Most of the tools out there fail to convert Unicode data, thus you are left with no choice but to ask everyone again for those attachments and images every time you convert you data file.

All this and much more offered by the tool can be used with the help of an intuitively and intelligently designed interface. This interface makes the usage of the tool very easy.

It offers a simple point and click interface that makes your life very easy. It also provides starter instructions for absolute beginners that help a lot when it comes to operating the tool.

As the tool offers a free to download evaluation copy and a very active customer support to help you after sales, it all combined makes the tool a must try.

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