Use the free version, to convert OLM for MAC files to PST, by Gladwev Software.

You can finally stop looking for the right software because Gladwev has the solution for you. The OLM to PST conversion has never been easier. This is one of the best OLM for MAC to PST converter tool with free version that you will ever find. Don’t waste your money on other software; we offer full assistance before and after purchase. You will receive the highest grade of understanding of this program before actual purchase. We have hundreds of positive reviews that show that we have a long chain of pleased customers. This is a short guide you will receive for the usage of OLM to PST Converter Pro. Keep reading and find by yourself why this software can convert OLM files to PST better than anything else.

The OLM files are not similar at all to PST, so it should not surprise you that most converters fail at this task. This software can actually be used to move files from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows PST. When we developed this software we took everything in consideration. Not even the slightest detail got left behind; the conversion quality is extremely high because of that, and no errors made their way here.

With this tool you can move any file from OLM to PST, regardless of its type. Emails may be the most popular type, but other items have to be converted too. Contacts, notes, journals and calendars can be moved as well. This amazing OLM to PST Converter tool will take care of any kind of data you have stored in your Outlook for Mac Database.

To have an easier time migrating, and taking care of your files after conversion, we made the program keep the original hierarchy of files and retain the basic properties of each folder. This feature will ensure a certain level of familiarity for the transferred OLM files to PST, so it will feel quite similar to your old email client, thus making the migration smoother.

It actually uses fewer resources than any similar program and it works up to 40% faster. Because it uses a very little amount of resources you can still work on your computer without experiencing any lag issues.

Since English is not the only language present in emails, calendars or journals, we added an amazing feature that can convert even the multi byte Unicode characters like those who are used in Chinese, Korean, Japanese and most Asian languages. If we would not be able to convert those successfully from OLM to PST then your entire database would get corrupted.

We are actually offering you the opportunity to try this program for free. You can download the trial version from the main website. You can test every feature, but you are limited to 10 conversions for each folder. There are several licenses types that can be bought, depending on the usage you have in mind. You can buy single user license for only one user, household license for up to 5 users and even enterprise license which is recommended for big companies with more than 100 operators; the number of users supported by the enterprise license is actually unlimited.

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Try OLM to PST Converter Pro to convert OLM for Mac files to PST.

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