The best way to get most out of you  to convert OST files into PST file.

But conversion of OST files into PST is no piece of cake. The complex process even scares the best and experienced professionals. OST EXTRACTOR PRO is the best way to do so.

Convert Your OST files into PST

Before diving into the technicalities of how the whole process goes down let’s introduce you the files and terms used.

OST Data

OST or Offline Storage Table is an offline file that is downloaded by the mail server on the user’s hard drive as an offline version of your email account whenever you use an exchange based email account.

OST allows the user to manipulate synchronize and organize your email data in an offline environment.

The user can work according to his/her needs and comfort. Once the connection is reestablished to the Online Server all the updated work get synced up and updated on the server.

PST Data

PST on the other hand, stands for Personal Storage Table, acts as a backup for all your data.

It is usually of 2 GB thus providing a huge storage space for your files. This can be used to manually archive or store emails, contacts, calendar events etc.

Its main feature is to make the OST file usable after the deletion of the Outlook account.

Conversion of OST files into PST

Since both files store different type and amounts of data, conversion of OST files into PST is stuff technical nightmares. Without the help of either a trained professional or a professional tool or sometimes even with that, the task is incredibly hard to perform.

If somehow you manage to pull the miracle, many problems arise in the final product. The output file may differ from the original one, there may be missing data bytes or even some left unconverted. Sometimes these anomalies go under your watchful eyes and you never get even a hint that your data has got tampered. This may lead to long struggles and time wastage in recovering the lost data, making the process messier.

Solution to all these problems comes under the name of OST Extractor Pro.

OST files into PST

Perfect Tool to for OST files into PST conversion

USL Software developed the “perfect” tool to help you get out this mess. They focused on designing a tool with the latest technological that will help from personal users to big organizations in the process of email migration.

OST Extractor Pro comes with the latest and one of a kind algorithm at its core that help in achieving an error free, smooth and seamless experience to the user. Topping the entire recommendations chart, be it from experts or users, OST Extractor Pro provides the user with the most accurate conversion rate in the market whilst maintaining the integrity of the data.

UI of the tool comes as a relief for the user. It is different from many conversion other tools. The intelligently designed interface enhances the performance of the tool by making it very easy to use even, for the first time users.

It is as easy as using any other basic software installed on your computer, with helpful instructions at every step making the process easy to carry out. This is one of those download and go type of software.

conversion of ost files into pst

Get it to convert OST files into PST

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