Through this article, I would like to share my personal experience with converting OST to PST files. OST to PST converter is one of the best tools that can be used for restoring your offline OST files and recovering them in the PST format. During the process, I came across a fantastic product called as the OST Extractor Pro. By using the software I could convert my OST files into PST with great ease and without any data loss. So here is my experience how I came across the OST Extractor Pro.

My need to convert an OST to a PST

At my office, one of my colleagues accidentally ended up deleting the mailbox account. He did not realise that he had some important documents and data that was still in the mailbox. Because the mailbox was deleted and there was no other choice to reactivate the account and fetch the data so we had to think of a new solution.

After a lot of research on the internet, I came to know that all the data and the files that are stored on the mail server are also held backup in the OST file format. Now the biggest challenge was how to convert this OST file into PST Outlook files.

OST to PST Converter Tool

Before heading to OST Extractor Pro I used one another software. I would not like to name the software but the experience was terrible. During the extraction and recovery of one of the OST files, the data took almost an hour to complete the recovery process. After inspecting the PST file that we had converted we found that most of the data was in the symbolic form. That means the text that could not be read by the software got converted into symbols and codes. These symbols and quotes were very difficult for us to understand.

After the recovery rather the text making any sense to us it was more of a kind of a coded language that we could see. It was more or less useless for us to use the data that we had recovered. Also, few of the presentation files did not get converted and the images that were received were in the cracked form. The data that we had to recover was hardly 50% of the original data. And only 40% of the data made sense to us.

converting OST to PST

Awesome Results

Hence, I went ahead and made a little more research where I came to know about the OST Extractor Pro. I was quite sceptical because of one bad experience that I already had. Hence I did not feel the need to waste my time again on recovering the files and I only uploaded 1 file to be converted. I prefer using a trial version then going for purchased software.

When we started to recover the files the results were amazing we got hundred percent data that was stored in the OST format and every bit of it made sense to us. Without wasting any of the time I went ahead to purchase the online software to convert all my OST files into PST. OST Extractor Pro is by far one of the best OST to PST conversion software that I came across. And I would like to recommend it to all.