EML file is most commonly used in Windows Live mail. It is created every time a new data is created in Windows Mail, such as during receiving a new email, creating a new contact, task, or calendar item.

You can easily view any EML file by opening it into Windows Live mail. Moreover, there are many file viewer (not email client) that can recognize an EML file, render its data, and display to a viewer. However, the data that an EML file contains is mostly email related. Therefore, when it comes to transferring the data to Windows Outlook, one may face quite a challenge.

This is due to the fact that Outlook fails to detect any EML file and recognize it. A user cannot simply put the EML files inside Outlook database or open it directly in Outlook interface. It will show an error. Therefore, to migrate the data from Windows Live Mail (EML) to Outlook, one has to convert EML files to windows Outlook supporting format, which is PST.

Looking at the popularity of Microsoft Office suite, it gets very common for Windows users to use Outlook as opposed to any other email client, such as Windows Mail. Although, it is free and can be downloaded directly from Microsoft’s website, Windows Live Mail does not present with as extensive functionality and flexibility as Outlook does.  Therefore, it makes complete sense to transfer or export your data from Live mail to Outlook, even if Outlook comes at a price.

To simplify this particular task, Gladwev Software came up with an impressive solution – Mail Passport Pro. Not only can it convert EML to PST, but also has a notable converter that can convert multiple email file formats, such as, MBOX, thunderbird, Applemail, to PST.

eml to pstThe most striking aspect of Mail Passport Pro is its simplicity. The makers of the tool created a 3-click conversion wizard that enables even the beginners to convert EML to PST in mere 3 clicks. This has certainly been the exciting improvement compared to many other email migration tools, as it offers a remarkably simple way for users to make the shift.

Another worth mentioning feature of Mail Passport Pro is the batch conversion of EML files. It is very common for users to feel panicked when the database is huge, containing thousands of EML files. In general, moving the data, specifically, EML Files to PST takes up countless hours of work, as the ordinary tools do not offer batch (multiple conversion).

Our recommend tool, Mail Passport Pro, has a unique and notable feature that enables it to tackle multiple and big size EML files and convert it to PST without any noticeable issue.

EML to PST is a very common migration and many users might need a professional aid quite often. The needs may vary from user to user; however, the importance of a quality tool remains very crucial in performing this task. The loss of data, and data integrity issues are two of the most frustrating concerns generally related to EML to PST migration.

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Therefore, whatever your personal needs may be from EML to PST conversion, give Mail Passport Pro a test to check if it fits your needs or not.

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