Find out how to Import MBOX files into Outlook 2010?

mbox files to outlook

To import MBOX files into Outlook 2010 you have to use a tool. There are a number of tools available in the market but not all fulfill the need. The tools that are available in the market, sometimes corrupt your original data or even damaging certain parts of it. Most of them are not even compatible in understanding complex data and the end results that you get in form of symbols and quotes.

To Import MBOX files into Outlook 2010 becomes easier with the right tool

It’s not that difficult to import MBOX files into Outlook 2010 provided that you are using the correct tool to make the conversion. First, you need to understand what your basic requirements are. If you are a person who is using different languages to communicate with your clients then you need the tool that is smart enough to understand the double-byte characters.

Get the right tool and never lose data integrity

To import MBOX files into Outlook 2010 you also need to take care that the tool does not change the status of your emails and also does not mess up with the hierarchy of your folders. Because if the data is not going in the required sub-folders the data that you get at the end can seem to be quiet meaningless to you.

Dangers of unprofessional email transfers

Also if you are a professional who helps others to import MBOX files into Outlook 2010 then you do not want to jumble up your client’s important data when they are transferring from Apple email to Outlook.

Here is the solution: Mail Extractor Pro

One such tool that is available is the Mail Extractor Pro. This tool can be used by both individuals and professionals based on their needs. This tool offers packages for all kinds. Along with purchasing the pack, you would get a lifetime membership and a lifetime free update. There are no annual charges for this tool for its renewal. This is so far the best tool to import MBOX to Outlook.

how to import mbox files into Outlook 2010

Some of the noticeable features that this tool has, that most of the tools in the market do not offer are as follows-

Double-byte character conversion

This feature is important for those who used emails in languages like Korean Chinese or Japanese. These are the languages that use double-byte for the text format. Most of the tools in the market can offer conversion of text files which use single byte characters. Hence if you are the person using double-byte character languages for communication then this tool is the best for you to import MBOX files into Outlook 2010.

The auto-load feature

When you have a large database to be transferred from MBOX to Outlook, at that time you need this auto-load feature. Because most of the tools that are available in the market would ask you to manually select the folders and files that you would like to convert. This can cause to miss out on some of the important folders that definitely you would not want. Hence the auto-load feature would completely grab and extract all the data from your Apple mail and help import your MBOX files into Outlook big time.

how to import mbox files into Outlook

Get a free trial today

You can go to the official website of this tool which is developed by USL software.

import mbox files into Outlook

You can download the trial version before you purchase the tool and check it for yourself.