How to Save Gmail to PST for Mac/Win Outlook?

how to save gmail to pst

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If you are facing problems in saving Gmail to PST then it is time that you relieve yourself of this stress. Mail Extractor Pro is an email migration tool that can help the users in moving their mails from one email to another.

How to Save Gmail to PST

Gmail to PST migration is a tough task and when experimenting with these, the users often find themselves stranded without any further directions. To smartly sidestep such a situation, opting for Mail Extractor Pro is one of the best steps to be taken at first. And once this step is taken, the rest gets sorted out on its own. Here is how!

Mail Extractor Pro is a technologically driven product that is automated for the large part. Additionally, the navigation through the tool is assisted by a coherent interface. There is an assurance of hassle free experience as the tool is entirely bug-free. This tool squarely gives out consistent and accurate results every single time. Read on to discover more about this marvel.

Mail Extractor Pro can convert Apple Mail, Postbox, MBOX File and Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac & Windows supported PST file format..

save gmail to pst

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Mail Extractor Pro is great at giving eternal solutions to its users. Its results are flawless and thereby are not required to be stamped out on. There are certain features of this tool that are particularly responsible for its thunderous progress. If you wish to save Gmail to PST using this tool, we suggest you make up your mind on grounds of the below mentioned points.


The tool is quite popular for providing speedy conversions. That is to say, that the users don’t even realize when the whole process gets completed and they get to save Gmail to PST. There are no interruptions or cessations in the whole process.


After the upload of the files onto the tool, the user is offered an option to verify the same. This step is useful from the aspect of leaving behind unnecessary and unwanted files. Moreover, one can also ignore empty folders in entirety.


The most magnificent of all the traits of this tool that helps one save Gmail to PST is the final output. The files that come out of this tool are truly reflective of the original files. There are no hiccups in the process and therefore these files are securely taken over to the other side without any modifications and alterations. Every single element can be discovered at the right place in the new files as well.

gmail to pst


The tool is extremely shielded and no harm can come to the files before, during, or after the process. The files are simply kept unharmed from all sorts of threats associated with such processes. Mail Extractor Pro is the best Gmail to PST converter tool. It will save Gmail to PST not only because of its own performance but also because of its superiority over the results of other mediocre tools.