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import mac mail to outlook

Outlook 365

Outlook 365 is an email client, a part of Office 365 suite. It can read your emails from the email servers and displays to you inside the interface. And its many other features that a web-based client, like Gmail or, might not be able to deliver. Outlook 365 may refer to both Mac and Windows desktop client, although both are quite different except the name.

But since they deal with information of different kinds, it is tricky to get the data imported to them. More so, if the files or databases did not belong to the client natively.

Here are talking about a similar task of importing data with the source as Mac Mail.

Mac Mail

Mac Mail is a software program with the same purpose – to let you manage your emailing needs. It can get emails from the servers and comes with a host of other features for productively dealing with the information.
But when it all goes bleak and slippery is when you must transfer data without having any common file shared across the clients. Importing Mac Mail to Outlook 365 is one of those tasks that frequently ends up with broken or half completed files, that too, after totally exhausting users.

It is even much worse for users with large database in Mac Mail and for total beginners without pre-requisite information about the files and how to migrate them.

Import Mac Mail to Outlook 365

Do not worry. Here, we present a brilliant tool that is devised by an experience team of USL Software. You will never have to read any other tutorial or documentation to get an idea of how it all works. The tool works upon the simple but powerful approach of targeting the data-source straightaway. It results in conversion results without any fuss over data integrity loss or any other complex technical maneuvers.

The tool abolishes the previous archaic tactics of data migration. Here, you do not need to dwell deep into the chasms of your databases and pick up files one by one. Thus, there is no need to convert them manually. What you need to do is simply click on ‘Autoload’. Let the tool scan the computer and get every item from Mac Mail primary database itself. You do have the choice to pick backup database folders if that is what you want to move to Outlook 365.

The output files are in PST format, the native format for Outlook versions in Windows but also workable for Mac Outlook.

Officially known as “Mail Extractor Pro”. It is the most refined and innovative Mac Mail to PST converters you could ever find. USL Software is popular for redefining the old tactics and churning out totally new inventive ways of email migration. Here, it is the same.

import mac mail to outlook 365

Get it to import Mac Mail to Outlook 365

You can get a free trial and run the tool directly on your computer. There are no commitments to download it, not even a sign-up. The instant link below will get you an installer-file (less than 25 mb) that you can install in a minute and start running “Mail Extractor Pro” freely.

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