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mbox to pst conversion for Mac OS

If you are clueless about the process of MBOX to PST conversion then you must look out for Mail Extractor Pro. It is a mail converter that provides access to the latest features in mail conversion. It comes with a user-friendly interface so even those uninitiated in mail conversion can use it to convert MBOX to PST mails without stress. A trial version is also available for people who want to try it out before buying it.

MBOX to PST Conversion

mbox to pst conversion

Pamper yourself with the luxurious facilities this software provides

MBOX to PST conversion does not have to be a mammoth task with multiple steps and complex procedures, neither do you have to be acquainted with the mail conversion process. In fact, all the user has to do is to follow the instructions provided by this software and they will be good to go. What helps even more is the fact that this software converts data in the mac itself, taking away requirement of investment of much time and effort. It has got several other features that make mail conversion easy for all users, lets have a look!

Interface designed with proximity to users’ needs

To use this software and to run MBOX to PST conversion you do not have to learn anything new, the interface of this software makes that sure. It provides simple, step-by-step instructions to convert your data, all you have to do is to follow them. The instructions are easy to follow and just a few. Also, the best part is that the users do not have any major responsibility here. All they have to do command the auto-selection of the entire database, command their conversion and wait. The output is provided with all the contents intact by the end of the day.

mbox to pst conversion on mac

Using this software to save your time

The manual method of conversion is quite complex and requires intrinsic knowledge of the conversion process, that is why people opt for third-party converters. This converter goes a step ahead to make sure that you are able to save as much time as possible. It converts the data in the mac itself, so the  conversion process is much shorter. Another factor adding to the speed of the conversion is the batch conversion facility. In a single batch one can convert multiple files and still get the output they  require.

mbox to pst conversion tool

All-round safety to your data

First of all, there is no possibility of the safety of your data being threatened as this software contains no bugs and any other such dangers. Secondly, it makes sure that all data remains secure through the process of conversion and that one does not have to remain extra vigilant for that. It preserves not only the mails but also attachments, bcc, cc, read/unread status etc. So there is nothing the users have to think about when this software is there for MBOX to PST conversion. In fact, it even keeps the folder hierarchy intact.

mbox to pst conversion software

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