This post discusses about ost conversion and the best way of opening an OST file in Outlook with the best tool available. OST Extractor Pro by USL software that will make the wretched task very easy.

OST Conversion


OST files play a major role in storing and moving of email data during migrations of email accounts. OST files are internal files that are downloaded by default on the system by Outlook for managing and updating your email account and the changes are synced onto the online server once you connect back to online server.

Opening an OST file directly is not an easy task and if you are successful in achieving the feat, then the output file contains errors and a large chunk of unconverted data.

The errors may be easy to spot but the data left unconverted sometimes goes unnoticed. This makes the whole process more susceptible to damage.

Much software out there may promise you to give a sure solution to this problem but some of the premium features that are blocked in trial version make the whole process incomplete. It leaves you with a partly completed task and a fully unsatisfied heart.

This plays a more significant role in migration processes. Migrating files from different clients or from the same clients to many other platform is a task that consumes large amount of time and requires a lot of computation power. For this a fullyfledged tool with all the premium features becomes a necessity.

OST Extractor Pro is one such tool. Brought to you by USL software, an all round tool that helps you in opening those OST files by just a single click of a button.

About OST Extractor Pro

ost conversion

Free Trial with All Features

The greatest thing about the tool is that its trial version has all the features of its premium version and none of them has an expiration time. They can be used for as long as you want. That allows you to check out the tool in every way possible before going for the premium version.

Not only the free trial version but a number of various reasons make OST Extractor Pro the most recommended tool out there in the market. The capability of the tool to convert any and all types of OST files into PST makes it more useful in diversity.

Recover Everything, No Data Loss

Most users before using professional tools try and go for the conversion process manually. This can lead to loss of data or corruption of the OST file. This renders the file useless. But OST Extractor Pro can extract the data form even a damaged or corrupted OST file thus preventing the data loss.

Support All OST file

The tool is compatible with almost all the versions of Outlooks out there and plus supports Exchange, ActiveSync, and Office 365 too.

The tool supports batch import of files and has no restriction over the size of OST file that you are trying to import. The batch conversion saves the time and pain of going through each file one by one.

Works on Mac & Windows

The platform independency of the tool makes it available for both Windows and MAC, providing a great solution for inter platform conversion.

Not only just the tool supports platform independence but the tops the chart on most valuable feature of these types of tools, accuracy. The tool converts every single byte of data present in your OST file into PST, without missing any of it. The integrity of the data is maintained by OST Extractor Pro.  That means that all the data files and folders will be in same order and place as they were in the OST files.

Get it for OST Conversion

This makes the navigation through the output file a cakewalk. With that kind of computation power at its core it is expected that it won’t be an easy task to operate the tool, but USL software designed an intuitive interface that makes the usage of the tool very easy.

Try it here:

So experience all of these and many more features of the tool by downloading your free trial today.