OST is used by every professional, thanks to them using Windows Outlook. Windows Outlook has revolutionized office work. Its OST format helps in storing all mail content offline which is very helpful in day to day communication and backup.

However, the problem is that OST is a very vulnerable file. As it remains on your computer hard drive, like any other data on your computer it is prone to corruption. Any virus or malware attack can bring so much harm to OST database.

OST Recovery Tool

Therefore, we recommend that every professional should have one OST recovery tool at hand. The tool will help you in converting OST files to PST format which works with Windows Outlook. This is how you can import your OST database into your Outlook and use them for your professional benefit.

OST to PST Conversion – the secret to OST utilization

To be clear, OST needs to be synced with PST for it to function in Outlook. Though, this is done automatically by MS Exchange server, and normally you would not have to worry about it. But due to many reasons like one stated above, you will have to convert OST to PST yourself. For this you will need a tool.

We suggest OST Extractor Pro by USL Software. Its amazing technology and robust coding allows it to go through deep OST extraction and conversion. It is also a very versatile tool which offers multiple options for Output. It preserves folder hierarchy and can convert any type of OST database from heavy mails with heavy attachments to Meta data content like ASCII code.

ost recovery

OST Extractor Pro comes with a free trial version which allows anyone to discover the tool for themselves. The tool has many amazing features which cannot be read about but only felt. The tool’s exploration can be a never ending journey. With every new OST task it will surprise and enchant you.

Get OST Recovery Tool Today

Here are the requirements you need to take care of before you can download the free trial version of OST Extractor Pro.

For Mac

OST Extractor Pro supports MAC OS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13.

For Windows

For Windows, It require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 client profile or higher. The tool is compatible with Outlook 97 to 2016 or Office 365 OST files. It is also compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and windows server 2008/2012.  

ost recovery tool

When you will be satisfied with the demo version of OST Extractor Pro, you can explore its licenses. For professionals there are three licenses which suit three scenarios.

Licensing Options

If you are an individual who does not know anyone who can use an OST recovery tool, you should go for individual license which will cost you only $49. But if you know some professionals or even laypersons that can use an OST recovery tool, you should look out for household license of OST Extractor Pro which costs only $79 and comes with lots of benefits.

However, if you planning a start-up, you should look out for the business license of the tool. This license will cost you only $ 599. It comes with unlimited usage, free lifetime updates and much more.

Explore OST to PST Conversion with OST Extractor Pro, you will never get exhausted!