No mood of continuing to transfer OSX mails to Outlook due to problem with bulk files?

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Although the term “transferring OSX mails to Outlook” is easy to hear but when it is the time to perform it users often back out even before completing the first step of file selection. And this fear is clearly understood. Firstly, the non-availability of an efficient Mbox to PST converter and on top of that the vulnerable position you place your data while importing OSX mail content to Outlook email client is enough to give you a real head ache.

OSX Mails to Outlook (Mac/Windows)

Moreover when you need to transfer the bulk files then that headache could turn into a phobia towards transferring mails to Windows Outlook email application. Games might offer you a second chance to complete any task but Mbox or EMLX to PST format conversion won’t give you another.

One wrong file and the entire conversion process can get corrupted thus deleting your files permanently. To retrieve those you have to spend another sum of money in the hands of professional file retrievers. So for bulk file imports you need professional software which will handle your data like an expert without needing your slightest attention.

Which company can the users trust without any second thought?

One main factor which you should check before choosing any particular converter tool is the past record of the company behind its creation. If a good track record with several popular software under their name then it is safe to install the converter without much worries. Here we have come to brief you about one such new Mbox to PST converter from an established USL company.

The tool can be found in the online markets with the name “Mail Extractor Pro“. Beware from fake websites which might have advertisements same as our tool. Therefore verify the website too before proceeding with the installation. Only then you will obtain a software using which you can import OSX mail to Outlook app with lease tension.

osx mails to outlook

Several new and splendid features now while importing OSX mail to Outlook app! This Postbox, Thunderbird or Apple Mail content to Windows Outlook converter has some unique ways to perform each step while transferring mail to Outlook app. The tool’s worth can be noticed right from the time when you start selecting the data to be transferred.

Shortening down the lengthy procedure now users can finish the file scanning procedure within a few clicks of the mouse and within seconds. Post selection the data will be converted without a single problem or trouble shoot errors.

All types of data including your calendar, address book and notes information shall also be imported from OSX format to Outlook compatible format exactly as you have selected. Even when these types of data are merged in bulk folders even then this tool will continue with its conversion task without fail.

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This was not possible in most of the other converter software. Leave calendar events or contacts, earlier tools could not even handle folders beyond a set file limit. This tool also has a file limit but it is so high that you can transfer your entire database at once.

Moreover in this tool, large folders automatically undergoes a process of splitting. In simple words the huge folder shall be arranged up in the form of small packets which further speeds up the conversion. On completing converting all the packets they shall be rearranged in the same sequence.

import osx mails to outlook

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