Postbox to PST Conversion Process, Here is how to achieve!

postbox to pst converter

The dream of achieving that perfect Postbox to PST Conversion can now be easily realised. All you need to do is choose the right option for your conversion process. This article introduces you to that very choice. This exceptional conversion solution from USL Software overcomes all the problems that you have faced with email conversion in the past and gives you a flawless conversion process.

Postbox to PST Conversion: The need to do so

Email migration is a difficult process to carry out. Be it between any pair of file formats. Here the formats in conversation are Posbtox’s MBOX format and Windows Outlooks PST format.

Postbox is a relatively new email client that Windows Outlook. But with exceptional performances and quality of features provided by the tool, it has garnered a huge userbase. This email clients stores the data of its users in MBOX format. So, when you switch to a more functionality-based email client like Outlook you need to convert the data into PST format, the format used by Windows Outlook.

Since there is no direct way of carrying out Postbox to PST conversion, you have to yourself get the job done. One way of doing so, is using a third-party converter tool. They are modern utility software that help you achieve the unreached level of conversion.

Mail Extractor Pro: The ultimate converter tool

One of these converter tools is USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro. The tool is currently the best solution available to get your Postbox to PST Conversion done efficiently and effectively.

The tool is designed for converting Apple Mail, Postbox, Thunderbird Mails to PST as well as for converting MBOX to PST (Microsoft Outlook).

It provides you with the combination of the best features wrapped up together by a very easy to use interface. The combination of these features is what gets the job done with accuracy, safety and security.

postbox to pst

Quick and Accurate

One of the best features of this tool is its accuracy and speed. The tool eats through your data at a rapid rate and efficiently converts it all. It provides support for all kinds of data.

This converter tool ensures that all of the data present in your input file gets converted down to the last bit. It even provides support for complex data formats like Unicode data and double byte character data.

Thus, giving you a flawless and perfect Postbox to PST Conversion.

postbox to pst conversion

Easiest to use interface for a converter tool

The interface of the tool is one of the easiest one around. It is unlike any other interface provided by your regular converter tools. The interface of this tool is clean, easy to use and not so complex. It even provides you with step by step guide to ensure that you never get lost with your conversion process. This makes the conversion process easier for both new and experienced users. Thus, making it one of the easiest to use Postbox to PST Conversion solution.

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